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Six months have passed since the great war for the Soul King ended. This tale links directly to that final arc of the main Bleach story.


Character Relationships

Novel Characters

  • Tokinada Tsunayashiro VA: Kenjiro Tsuda
    Tokinada Tsunayashiro
    The new head of the Tsunayashiro Clan, one of the Four Great Noble Clans that also includes the Kuchiki and Shihoin clans. He was the husband of Kaname's close friend Kakyo and also attended the Soul Reaper Academy at the same time as the 13 Court Guard Squad's Head Captain, Shunsui Kyoraku. He is working with Hikone for some reason, but his true motives are unclear. His Zanpakuto is called Kutenkyokoku.
  • Aura Michibane
    Aura Michibane
    The leader of a mysterious religious group in the world of the living known as Xcution. Under orders from Tokinada, she approaches Yukio. Though she is a Fullbringer, she possesses no particular abilities. However, she is able to overcome Kisuke Urahara simply by using the basic Fullbringer ability to manipulate souls.
  • Hikone Ubuginu VA: Ayumu Murase
    Hikone Ubuginu
    An attractive child who could be taken for either a boy or a girl, Hikone obeys Tokinada implicitly. Though at first glance he may not appear so, he is on the same level of power as a captain and possesses the Spiritual Pressure to dominate any battlefield. His Zanpakuto is named Ikomikidomoe.
  • Seinosuke Yamada
    Seinosuke Yamada
    Seinosuke is Hanataro Yamada's older brother. He used to be the lieutenant of Squad 4, but his talents were greatly in demand and he was headhunted by the Central Medical Institute in the Noble Quarter. While being on friendly terms with and helping Tokinada, he also offers support to Shunsui.


The Vandenreich is an organization of Quincies lead by Yhwach. After conquering Hueco Mundo, the Vandenreich overran the Soul Society and then attacked the Royal Palace, leading to a desperate battle.
Stern Ritter
The Stern Ritter are the elite of the Vandenreich. They each possess unique powers and abilities equal to or greater than any captain-level Soul Reaper.
The Four Great Noble Clans
The Four Great Noble Clans refers to the four greatest aristocratic families in the Soul Society, which includes the Kuchiki Clan, the Shihoin Clan, and the Tsunayashiro Clan. The Shiba Clan was also once considered on the same level, and at that time they were referred to as the Five Great Noble Clans.

A New War Begins

Half a year after the end of the war with the Vandenreich, a terrible incident occurs in the Soul Society as it is beginning to rebuild.

Many members of the Tsunayashiro Clan, one of the four great noble houses, have been assassinated. The surviving Tokinada Tsunayashiro, who as a result of the deaths has risen from last in the line of succession to become the new head of the clan, is involved in a grand plot that concerns the Soul King himself.

Part of the scheme involves giving a Zanpakuto that was stolen from Oh-Etsu Nimaiya called "Ikomikidomoe" to a child by the name of Hikone Ubuginu.

Shunsui Kyoraku, Head Captain of the 13 Court Guard Squads, who studied at the Soul Reaper Academy at the same time as Tokinada, is suspicious of his old classmate's actions. Tokinada is also the man that killed the close friend of ex-13 Court Guard Squads member Kaname Tosen.

In order to make it widely known that the head of the Tsunayashiro Clan has changed, Shuhei Hisagi is called upon to publish a special edition of the Seireitei Bulletin on the subject. To this end, he begins researching this man called Tokinada Tsunayashiro.

While gathering information for his article, Shuhei travels to the world of the living to visit Kisuke Urahara. There he learns that Ichigo Kurosaki is absent. Kisuke surmises that Ichigo may have been lured away from Karakura Town by someone.

As expected, Karakura Town has been cut off at the hands of an unknown enemy. The masterminds of this plot are two people close to Tokinada: the founder of a new religion called "Xcution," Aura Michibane, and her accomplice, the Fullbringer Yukio.

Though Aura does not have any unique Fullbring powers of her own, she does possess the basic Fullbring ability of soul manipulation. However, that power alone is enough for her to overcome Kisuke, and the end result of their battle is that Kisuke is kidnapped by Aura.

Meanwhile, under orders from Tokinada, Hikone Ubuginu begins fighting against the surviving Quincies and Arrancars in Hueco Mundo. Hikone also appears in the Rukon District and crosses swords with both Fullbringers and Soul Reapers. He is able to overwhelm any opponent due to the awesome power of his Zanpakuto.

The battles in the Human World, the Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo are all part of Tokinada's plan, and before long that plan will come to fruition.

The riddle of the Soul King, karma for the ancient wrongdoings of the Soul Society, and the limits of human morality will all be revealed and tested by this plot.

A single Soul Reaper holds the key to this conflict. A Soul Reaper who has yet to achieve Bankai and who is ill-suited to saving the world: Squad 9 Lieutenant, Shuhei Hisagi.

This story concerns the growth and pride of a single Soul Reaper, but it shines a light on a new world.

About the Author

Ryohgo Narita
Ryohgo Narita is the author of a number of light novels, including "Durarara!!," "Fate/strange fake," and "Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You." He won the Gold Prize in the 2002 Dengeki Novel Prize for his debut work, "Baccano!."
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