Brave Souls Anniversary Celebration

Thank you for playing Bleach: Brave Souls! Thanks to all of you, Bleach: Brave Souls will have its 3rd anniversary on 7/23! We have prepared a series of campaigns in celebration. We hope you will continue playing Bleach: Brave Souls in the years to come!
In-Game Information
Period:From 7/31 (Tue.) JST
Brave Souls 3rd Anniversary Celebration -Round 2- Thousand-Year Blood War Campaign
Thousand-Year Blood War characters Round 4!
3,333 Will Win! The 3rd Anniversary Retweet Campaign!
Period:7/23 (Mon.) JST - 7/30 (Mon.) 5:00 pm JST
Retweet for a daily chance  to win prizes in celebration of the 3rd Anniversary!
Bleach: Brave Souls 3rd Anniversary Bankai Live!
Starting 7/21 9:00 pm JST
Celebrate 3 years with us on the Bankai livestream! Masakazu Morita (voice of Ichigo Kurosaki) will be joining us! on YouTube and Facebook Live!
Brave Souls Mosaic Art Creation!
Period: 6/22 (Fri.), 2018 JST - 7/2 (Mon.), 2018 17:00 JST
Take a screenshot of your favorite Brave Souls character and tweet it out! We will collect the images tweeted out to create a 3rd anniversary mosaic collage!

Bleach: Brave Souls

Game Title Bleach: Brave Souls
Supported OSes iOS, Android
Genre 3D Action
Price Free-to-play (in-app purchases available)