Round 1 BBS4.1 Popularity Poll It's our time to shine! First place will be made playable?!

Poll Results

The results of the BBS4.1 Popularity Poll: Round 1 are out! We will actually make the first place winner of this poll into a playable character!


Total Votes: 23026

Huh?! I'm number one!
I'm so happy!
Thank you everyone who voted for me!
I'll make you all an Orihime special for dinner later.


Total Votes: 11720

What joy! Thank you!

Acid Wire

Total Votes: 10154

Not possible! It's just not possible!
I came first. I won't let anyone else have it!

  • Mr. Pork
  • Giraffosaur
  • Fishbone D
  • Pentano


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Bleach: Brave Souls

Game Title Bleach: Brave Souls
Supported OSes iOS, Android
Genre 3D Action
Price Free-to-play (in-app purchases available)