Loads of in-game events await you this holiday season!

2018 Countdown Extravaganza

  • 2018 Countdown Login Bonuses

    Campaign Period: 12/27-12/31 (JST)

    2017 is almost over! Get 5 Spirit Orbs and 5 Soul Tickets every day as a special login bonus!

  • Mega Raid Festival (Special New Year’s Version)

    Campaign Period: 12/27-1/4 (JST)

    Many Raids will be available during the campaign period. With improved character drop rates and increased Raid Points for completing Raids, this is a great chance to power up your characters!

  • Accessory Fusion Trials and Coin Trial

    Campaign Period: 12/27-1/14 (JST)

    Fusion Trials and Coin Trials will be open during this entire campaign period!

  • Frenzy Intensive Course (Special New Year's Version)

    Campaign Period: 12/27-1/4 (JST)

    A special quest that includes all Frenzy crystals released so far!

  • 2018 Countdown Campaign Twitter Order

    Campaign Period: 12/27-1/8 (JST)

    Complete the Twitter Order for 25 Spirit Orbs!

Thousand-Year Blood War Promotion 2018

  • New Year's Login Bonus

    Campaign Period: 1/1-1/18 (JST)

    Get Spirit Orbs and more with this special login bonus. Log in for 15 days to get a ★5 Summons Ticket!

  • New Co-Op Partner Bonuses Reset

    Campaign Period: 12/31 16:00- (JST)

    The bonuses received for completing Co-Op Quests with new partners has been reset.
    Play with 200 partners to receive up to 600 Spirit Orbs!

  • New Year's Special Quest 2018

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    Earn the unique 2018 New Year's Card accessory by completing event Orders. Take this chance to get lots of Accessory Tickets in every Attribute as well!

  • Thousand-Year Blood War: The Thirst Step-Up Summons and the Thousand-Year Blood War Summons Round 2

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    There are Step-Up Summons for single pulls and for x10 pulls, and both are FREE on the first Step! Subsequent Steps will earn you bonus items as well, with a guaranteed ★5 character on Step 6 of the x10 Summons!

  • Free Daily Ichigo Kurosaki Summons

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    This Ichigo-only Summons allows one pull every day, so don't forget yours!

  • Ichigo's Greatest Foes Selection

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    This Summons features Ichigo and a selection of his many arch-enemies. Don't miss out on this chance to get lots of key characters!

  • New Year's Packs

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    To celebrate the new year, we've put together three packs. One features a ★5 Summons Ticket, one a ★4/★5 Accessory Ticket, and the third has both in one pack!

  • January Character Packs

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/31 (JST)

    Orihime, Byakuya, and Kaien will return in their traditional Japanese New Year's outfits for these packs!

  • Thousand-Year Blood War Boss Rush

    Campaign Period: 1/9-1/16 (JST)

    Defeat the Thousand-Year Blood War characters as super-strong bosses in this event. Complete the coinciding special Orders to earn a Super Editing Brush.

  • Kon's Mega Bonanza and Rukia's Special Training: Extra

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    Play these once-a-day quests to earn tons of Power Hearts, Large EXP Crystals, and Coins for powering up your characters and Accessories.

  • Power-Up Festival

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/14 (JST)

    During the campaign, different resources for powering up characters or Accessories will be easier to acquire. Use this chance to stock up on rare and valuable items.

  • Skill Key Rare Loot Quest

    Campaign Period: 1/1-1/22 (JST)
    *Renews every Monday at 16:00.

    A special quest available once a week that guarantees a Skill Key, which allows you to unlock any one Skill Soul on a ★6 character's Soul Tree.

  • Thousand-Year Blood War Promotion 2018 Twitter Order

    Campaign Period: 12/31-1/10 (JST)

    Get a The Thirst Summons Ticket by completing this Twitter-related Order.

Bleach: Brave Souls

Game Title Bleach: Brave Souls
Supported OSes iOS, Android
Genre 3D Action
Price Free-to-play (in-app purchases available)