Major Update for 3D Action Game “Bleach: Brave Souls”

6-Star Characters, Special Move Levels, and More Added

Major Update Details

The latest update includes a suite of features designed to help all players, both veteran and new alike, take their game to the next level. Players can look forward to Awakening 6-Star characters, hacking their way through challenging quests known as Raids, and honing their Special Moves into fearsome fighting techniques. Due to differing character release schedules for the English and Japanese versions of the game, the new features will be added to the English version of Bleach: Brave Souls according to the following schedule:

Special Move levels: June 27 (UTC+9)
6-Star Awakenings: July 31 (UTC+9)
Raids: August 1 (UTC+9)

Major Update Details

Reach for the Stars: Special Move Levels

A new layer of strategic depth has been incorporated into the game with Special Move levels, an in-game system that makes acquiring multiples of the same character a good thing. In addition to more Ascension EXP, the new system for leveling up Special Moves lets players strengthen their most powerful attacks by combining two of the same character for Ascensions. This rule only applies to characters of the exact same rarity and type. The higher the level, the more punch each Special Move packs.

Unleash the Beast: Awaken 6-Star Characters

Until now, the rarest characters in the game were the coveted 5-Stars. The latest update raises the stakes with the introduction of the new 6-Star system. By leveling up 5-Star characters to the maximum level, players can use special spheres known as “Hogyoku” to Awaken the powerful 6-Star lurking within.

The update also brings with it a decisive element for 6-Star characters―Killers. The new Killer stat adds a distinct advantage, or in some cases a disadvantage, based on each character’s affiliation in the Bleach universe. In addition to basic Power, Technique, Speed, Heart, and Mind stats, the characters are divided into different groups, such as Arrancar or Soul Reaper. The amount of damage exchanged depends on the Killer stat and group affiliation for each character involved in the fray.

6-Star characters also have a new Soul Tree with leveling up options previously unavailable to other characters, such as increasing the range or power of different types of attacks, or boosting attack speeds.

The Awakening feature will first be available with the new Summons characters slated for release in late July in the English version of the game. All current 5-Star Summons characters will be able to use the Awakening feature in the future.

Unleash the Beast: Awaken 6-Star Characters

Ready for Something Harder? Try Raids

The new Raid quests are challenging missions designed to give veteran players a run for their Spirit Orbs.

These special quests are only available to play a limited number of times per day. The characters featured in Raids also change depending on the day. In addition to the single player version of the game, Raids will also be available in Co-Op Quests.* Players can earn 5-Star characters necessary for unlocking Skills on 6-Star characters’ Soul Trees,** as well as 4-Star characters, as rewards for completing these quests.

The sheer difficulty of Raids encourages players to think carefully about the attributes and Killer stats of their team members, giving them compelling reasons to try out different combinations in order to find the best fit for each quest. Another important element of this new mode of gameplay is teaming up with the right players in Co-Op mode. Players will want to search for partners who have the skills required to clear the mission at hand.

* Co-Op Quests are multiplayer missions which allow up to four players to join forces and clear missions. Each player receives rewards for their efforts as they team up to tackle tougher foes.

** Each character has its own Soul Tree. Players are given complete freedom to choose which abilities to upgrade for each character, and may use Power-Up Crystals and Coins to boost their stats.

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