NEW2020/07/31 Campaigns

Thousand-Year Blood War RT Campaign

Period: July 31 – August 7 4:59 pm JST

To celebrate the new Thousand-Year Blood War characters Uryu, Jugram, and Bazz-B coming to the game we are doing a retweet campaign giveaway!
Retweet the specified tweet from our Twitter to get an automatic reply where you will know if you won something or not!
There will be a chance daily to try and become one of the 100 randomly selected winners to get a Brave Souls original wall scroll!

How to Enter

1. Follow the official Bleach: Brave Souls Twitter account (@Bleachbrs_en).
2. Retweet the specified tweet on our official Twitter account!


100 lucky winners will be randomly selected to get a Brave Souls original wall scroll!

Terms and Conditions

Contacting the Winner
・We will be choosing winners randomly after the entry period ends.
・Winners will be contacted via Twitter. In order to deliver the prizes, we ask that winners include their name, mailing address, and phone number as specified in the direct message received via Twitter.
・Winners will be asked to respond by the date specified in the direct message. Winners will lose their eligibility to claim the prize if they do not respond by the specified date.
・Prizes will only be sent once. If the prize cannot be sent for reasons attributable to the winner such as providing the wrong name, mailing address, or phone number, the winner will lose their eligibility to claim the prize. KLab will not be held liable in the event the winner cannot receive the prize, unless the incident occurred as an intentional act or negligence by KLab.
・We will not be offering any refunds or cash exchange in lieu of the prize.
・The right to claim the prize cannot be sold, lent, or otherwise transferred to a third party.
・We may be unable to send prizes to certain countries and territories.
・If the winner is found to be guilty of using unauthorized ways of entering or has abused the system, they will be disqualified from the prize.
・KLab retains the right to determine if the winner should be disqualified from winning.

Additional Terms
・Winners must be following the official Twitter account (@bleachbrs_en).
*Winners who are not following the relevant official account during the campaign period will be disqualified.
・Writing “RT” will not count as a retweet.
・The entry tweet must remain unaltered.
・Twitter accounts that are private will not be able to participate in this campaign.
・Your retweet may not count if your account does not have a written profile, username, self-intro, or picture set beforehand or if you just set up an account.
*Unlisted accounts, new accounts, and bots may not be able to receive direct messages and therefore cannot participate in this campaign.
・Each participant will only be able to participate once per day regardless of the outcome.
・Winners will be disqualified if their Twitter name changes within the campaign period.
・Winners will be disqualified for lack of response after two weeks, regardless of problems occurring as a result of the winner’s account.
・We will not be answering questions about the campaign through social media direct messaging.
・If you are having problems posting or following the official account, please double-check that you are logged into Twitter.
・Depending on the operating conditions, it may take awhile to receive notice that you have won or received the direct message.
・We may not be able to reach the participant by DM depending on the participant’s Twitter settings.
・We will not be answering inquiries regarding the prize
・This giveaway is not an indication of any affiliation with Twitter.

・Details of this campaign are subject to change at the discretion of KLab Inc.
・KLab Inc. is not responsible for any problems resulting from the Twitter application not posting correctly or not displaying campaign information properly.
・We will not be responsible for any damages incurred by a third-party using the post of an entrant.
・All transmission and carrier costs associated with participating in this campaign are to be borne by the entrants.
・We will not be answering inquiries regarding this campaign.
・The campaign is subject to change based on changes in the Twitter platform.
・There may be shipping delays due to COVID-19, so items may be subject to significant delays, restrictions on shipping, or disposal.

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1.Our processing of your personal data
The processing of your personal data is very important to us. We process your personal data for the following purposes:

1. We process your Twitter ID in order to hold this event (the “Event”) and choose winners among the applicants.
The processing of this personal data is based on your and our legitimate interests to provide you with the Event (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

2. We also process additional personal data provided by winners of the Event to us, such as names, mailing addresses, and phone numbers of winners in order to provide the winners with the prizes.
In the course of obtaining your personal data, we may use third party’s services (e.g. data management services with data entry form, where you enter your personal data and submit to us.
The processing of this personal data is based on winners and our legitimate interests to provide winners with the prizes (Article 6(1)(f) GDPR).

2. How long do we keep your personal data
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4. Your rights and requests
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– Data deletion: You may also have the right to ask us to delete your personal data, when certain conditions apply.
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