2020/10/07 Campaigns

Burn the Witch Collaboration Quiz

From 10/7 to 10/15 3:59 pm JST

We have made a special quiz in celebration of the Brave Souls x Burn the Witch collaboration!
Answer the quiz questions on our social media accounts with the right reaction!
We will be totaling up the reaction answers on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and the majority reaction will count as everyone’s answer to the question!

1st Question: 10/7 – 10/9 3:59 pm JST

1st Question Rewards
5 Spirit Orbs + 10 Premium Summons Tickets

2nd Question: 10/10 – 10/12 3:59 pm JST

2nd Question Rewards
10 Spirit Orbs + 5 Brave Souls Summons Tickets

3rd Question: 10/13 – 10/15 3:59 pm JST

3rd Question Rewards
10 Spirit Orbs + 3 ★4/★5 Summons Tickets

Terms and Conditions

・We will be adding up the reactions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and will be counting the majority answer as the answer to the question.
・If the question is answered correctly, all players will get the listed rewards.
・Rewards can be redeemed through the Gift Box in the Bleach: Brave Souls app. Accounts created after the rewards were given out will not receive the rewards.
・Details of this campaign are subject to change or termination at the discretion of KLab Inc.
・All transmission and carrier costs associated with participating in this campaign are to be borne by the entrants.
・This campaign is not an indication of any affiliation with Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.
・KLab Inc. is not responsible for any problems resulting from the Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram applications not posting correctly or not displaying campaign information properly.
・We will not be responsible for any damages incurred by a third-party using the post of an entrant.
・We will not be answering inquiries regarding this campaign or the reaction-counting process.