NEW2023/01/31 News

Dev Team Comments: Upcoming Updates, Measures against in-game cheating

Thank you for playing Bleach: Brave Souls.

This is the dev team.

We hoped you enjoyed reading Dev Diary: Vol. 5, which we released at the beginning of January.

As was written in the Dev Diary, we have a new Burn The Witch collab planned for this year and we intend on improving the game during 2023 by taking user feedback into consideration.

To make the most out of the announcement that the BLEACH TV Animation Series: Thousand-Year Blood War will be split into 4 parts, we will continue to work on making Brave Souls a game that people from across the world can enjoy.

Since we cannot achieve this without your help, we hope that you will continue to share your ideas and suggestions with us via Discord.

Below are this month’s dev team comments.

① Upcoming Updates

We will be implementing the following during February’s update.

・Adjustments to the UI of the Notices page
We will add a button which allows you to go to the previous page.

・Held Characters Displayed in Packs and Summons
This change will make it easier for players to understand which characters they already own or have already strengthened.

・Adjustments to the “Skip” button in Summons
If you press “Skip” during a Summons, you will still be able to hear the voiced lines of any ★5 characters you obtained.

② Measures against in-game cheating

Thanks to your feedback, we have been able to suspend the accounts of players who were reported to have been cheating.

So that we can continue to enforce these new measures, please report any players who you suspect to have been cheating by selecting “Contact Us” → “Other Inquiries” via the Settings menu.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Bleach: Brave Souls.